When asked by Dr. Frederick Fosdal if he believed he would have enjoyed a close relationship with another man, Jeffrey Dahmer replied, “That would have been nice.”

Fosdal further asked what, if anything, might have prevented him from killing.   A permanent relationship,” Jeff responded.


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Dara Park for “Gotta Be You” MV Photoshoot, early 2014.

amtoria communicating in their alien language (x

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[HQ] Bangtan Boys for Hormone War (2048x1366)
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I met this six year old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face… and the blackest eyes… the Devil’s eyes.



The interior of serial killer Ed Gein’s bedroom. Gein is thought to have murdered two people, and had filled his home with a variety of items made from the body parts of numerous corpses, which he had acquired through grave-robbing.

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